Frequently asked questions

 What can I put in my Airpocket?

The Airpocket has internal partitions and pockets, to securely store all manner of inflight essentials. Everyone's essentials are different - here are some of our favourites:

Portable Electronic Devices (phone, tablet, e-reader), reading glasses, passport, wallet, headphones/earbuds, toiletries, book, magazine, notepad, pen, eye mask, compression socks, and the list goes on...

Will the neoprene smell go away?

Good news! Yes! It will! Once it has been freed from its packaging and given a chance to air, the smell will go away.

Why did you choose Neoprene for the Airpocket?

Neoprene has two particularly useful qualities: it's flexible and it's protective. This means that it can mold and shape around the items you put into your Airpocket, and cushion them against bumps and scratches. We also like it because it's easy to clean, it's a little bit stretchy, it's not too heavy, and if you put the Airpocket on the floor under the seat in front of you it won't slide around.

Will my 13" SurfacePro / 12.9" iPad Pro / laptop fit in my Airpocket?

The short answer is "No."

The Airpocket will accommodate devices up to 11".

The Airpocket was designed for all your in-flight essentials, eg iPad, Kindle, reading glasses, etc. It was not designed for laptop computers or larger portable electronic devices, simply because Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations do not permit them to be stowed in the seat-back pocket due to their weight or size - larger items are considered a safety risk.

You can read The FAA regulations on Stowage of Items in Seat Pockets here.

The important bit of the regulations to note is:

"If small, lightweight items, such as eyeglasses or a cell phone, can be placed in the seat back pocket without exceeding the total designed weight limitation of the seat pocket or so that the seat pocket does not block anyone from evacuating the row of seats, it may be safe to do so."

I want to send an Airpocket as a gift. Will the recipient see a receipt with the price on it?

The billing details (your name and address) and the shipping details (the recipient's name and address) will be on the packaging, but NOT the purchase price. Your secret is safe with us :-) 

Does the Airpocket fit in every seat back?

Alas, not all seat back pockets were created equal, and some airplanes don't even have seat back pockets. The good news is that the Airpocket is small enough to put under the seat in front of you without taking up precious legroom, or tuck it in beside you on your seat. Neoprene is soft but sturdy, so you can stash it anywhere without fear of damaging it, or anything inside it.

How do I carry my Airpocket?

The Airpocket comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, so you can wear it as a cross-body bag or shoulder bag. It also has a trolley sleeve, so you can slip it over the extended handle of your wheeled cabin bag. Another option is to remove the strap and place the Airpocket inside a larger carry on bag, such as a tote or a messenger bag, and when you arrive at your seat you can simply take it out of your bag and pop it into the seat pocket, and you're ready for take-off.

Can I wash it?

Yes. Spot clean with mild detergent. Dry flat in the shade. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry. Do not dryclean. 

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